Santa Claus Mail

Order a personalised greeting from Santa Claus for your child and you will not be disappointed!

Royal package includes:

1. Video message

  • Santa Claus will address your child (or children) by name, mention the child’s age and country of residence,
  • show the photos of child/children (preloaded by the Customer),
  • assess the behaviour of your child using Positrometer (showing the results preselected by the Customer),
  • gently scold for pranks and lavishly praise for achievements, as well as show his secret gift storage.
  • Possibility to upload up to 10 photos
  • The Customer can select predefined comments for each photo uploaded

2. Letter to the mailbox

  • personalised letter with an "official" North Pole stamp
  • Nice List Certificate
  • large greeting card
  • wall calendar (3 options to select from)
  • greeting card and calendar will include child's/children's photo
  • awesome board game
  • bright festive envelope (А4)

Price: € 11.95

Order a Package

  • personalised letter with an "official" North Pole stamp
  • large geeting card with the child's photo
  • Nice List Certificate
  • wall calendar with the child's photo
  • bright festive envelope (А4)

Price: € 7.95

Order a Package

  • personalised letter with an "official" North Pole stamp
  • Nice List Certificate
  • bright festive envelope (А4)

Price: € 6.95

Order a Package

  • personalised letter from Santa Claus / Father Christmas with an "official" stamp
  • bright festive envelope (А4)

Price: € 5.95

Order a Package



  Mini Classic Classic+ Royal
Bright and festive envelope
Personalised letter   
Nice List Certificate  
Postcard with child/children photo    
Calendar with child/children photo    
Board game      
Personalised video message      
Price: € 5.95 € 6.95 € 7.95 € 11.95
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5 reasons why you should get a personalised Santa Claus greeting


  1. This is so blissful and rewarding to see the reaction of your child the moment a magic parcel arrives and Santa Claus appears on the screen with his truly personal greetings!
  2. Letter from Santa is a great opportunity to address an important message to your child/children! Especially when you can’t find the right words and would like your message to be heard.
  3. Bespoke design, from envelope till board game. Everything is developed by a team of kind, sensitive, loving children, parents, aunties and uncles, uniquely for the Santahome project.
  4. Personalised letter arouses a sense of being special, because Santa Claus knows your name, family insights and cares about your future.
  5. When real Santa Claus letter arrives at your doorstep, unforgettable memories and emotions are guaranteed to the whole family. These unforgettable moments are so important for a happy childhood.


Key features of our unique service


  • Every year we create a completely new video greeting, change the design of our packages and text in the letters;
  • Unique option to personalise a postcard and calendar by uploading your photo;
  • You could order a letter, postcard or nice list certificate with a ready-made text or you could edit the original text as required;
  • Follow the latest status of your order (order received, payment received, order ready for shipment, dispatched)


Father Christmas letter is a wonderful opportunity to compliment your loved ones with some real moments of joy and happiness. You could select different packages for your greeting.

Order a personalised Father Christmas greeting for your child, family members or friends and you would never regret about it!

Video with a personal greeting and a personal photo printed on the postcard will definitely create a feeling of winter magic and let someone to feel very special!


Video message
Your personalized video message is delivered next working day online.
If you selected a CD additionally to the online version, it will be delivered together with a Royal Package.

Royal package, Classic and Classic+ 
For orders paid before 22nd November estimated delivery date is 1st December
For orders paid before 3rd December estimated delivery date 15th December
For orders paid before 10th December estimated delivery date 22nd December
Orders placed after 10th of December will be sent out ASAP, however, we can not guarantee delivery on time for Christmas.